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Maps #2

The first posting on paper maps (Maps, Paper) helped pique my interest in researching, at least a little, the paper map publishing industry.  As a map aficionado myself, I started by taking note of the publishers represented in my personal … Continue reading

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Checklists – Due Diligence

A few years ago The New Yorker published an article extolling the virtues of checklists in a hospital setting.  Then, in 2011, the author enlarged his essay and published a book, The Checklist Manifesto, which has received laudatory reviews. The … Continue reading

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Ten days ago I, along with 4 friends also on Medicare, visited a mutual friend many miles away who is seriously ill with cancer.  Confined to a bed and hardly able to talk, weighing 50 or so pounds less than … Continue reading

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Web Developer Opportunities

Over the last several years I’ve acquired* a number of domain names – some were acquired for speculative purposes, while others were acquired because each seemed to be well suited for building a business that I’d probably find interesting. I’m … Continue reading

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Resources for Start-ups & their Entrepreneurs

This posting is for both of us, you and me.  Over the years I’ve assembled a good number of resources relating to startups & entrepreneurism.  For the (possible) benefit to you and others including myself, it seems sensible to collect/aggregate … Continue reading

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3 Laguna Beach Entrepreneurs

Having visited relatives in Orange County’s Laguna Beach for several decades, last year my wife and I purchased a cottage there, where we are, for the 1st time, near to family.  (Just 3 blocks & 2 miles).  Laguna, an hour south … Continue reading

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Speed Book Reviews – good sellers re Twitter & Amazon

Speed review of Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal  by Nick Bilton  With 195 almost uniformly favorable (4 and 5 star) customer reviews at Amazon, another favorable review (by me) wouldn’t add much to the pot.  An … Continue reading

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