Resources for Start-ups & their Entrepreneurs

This posting is for both of us, you and me.  Over the years I’ve assembled a good number of resources relating to startups & entrepreneurism.  For the (possible) benefit to you and others including myself, it seems sensible to collect/aggregate links to these resources and put them in one spot, here. (Please be aware that, since my resources are housed in Explorer, G2Reader, scratchpads, etc., and good resources surface over time, this post will be subject to revision for a while until it’s given its own page on this site.)

So here goes:

Sample/model/form documents as suggested by several law firms and a venture capitalists’ trade organization: – by Fenwick & West.  Start-up documents periodically revised with crowdsourced comments.

Startup Percolator – by Perkins Coie law firm.  Start-up and financing documents by the large law firm I’ve used for many years.

Start-Up To0l Kit – by Orrick law firm.  Term Sheet Creator & start-up forms library.

NAVC – National Association of Venture Capital – this link to “model” documents, consider the source.  The NVCA site has a lot of information of value to entrepreneurs who may seek venture capital.

“How to” and/or best practices ideas:

Sales Guide by – Sales pipelines, strategies, metrics … This guide is intended to enable adoption of big sales concepts in a small, friendly way.

Stanford’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies resource page.  An excellent collection of links on entrepreneurship, startups, etc.

UC Berkeley Startup Competition’s Launch resources page – Another excellent assemblage of links to articles on business plans, pitching VCs, etc. along with links to presentations and collateral from 3 years’ of its Entrepreneurial Best Practices series.

YCombinator Startup Library – an extensive compendium of relevant articles, blogs, etc.

Interesting service providers:

Foundersuite – “Streamline startup operations…Foundersuite is bringing structure to the messy job of starting a company via a curated set of spreadsheets and templates designed to help you get off the ground faster and easier.” – “Gust connects startups with the largest collection of investors across the world.”

Insightly – A young, VC backed company which asserts it is “…the #1 Online Small Business CRM & Project Management software company used by over 500,000 people worldwide.”  I am trying it, when time permits – so far, so good.

LaunchRock – a startup helping firms setup a viral “launching soon” page.

LivePlan – “Write your plan with the #1 business planning company.”


Recent data on venture capital activity:

Venture-Capital – San Jose Mercury News – – The latest news about startups and venture capital funding in Silicon Valley, from the San Jose Mercury News.  Quarterly summary reports on Bay Area fundings.



Support Organizations – National*

*(thanks to the Ohio Venture Association, which offers a more extensive list of resources tailored for Ohio startups)

Selected Thought Leaders*

*(per the Angel Capital Association, to which I express appreciation)


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