Web Developer Opportunities

Over the last several years I’ve acquired* a number of domain names – some were acquired for speculative purposes, while others were acquired because each seemed to be well suited for building a business that I’d probably find interesting.

I’m looking for help to develop several sites – life is short and my skills lie in areas other than the nitty gritty of coding**.  Following are examples of names I control that I’m interested in developing with one or more partners (who would handle the technical side):

BuyAm.com – envisioned to be a platform enabling improved access to and better distribution of goods made by carefully selected American manufacturers.   Although there are a number of sites that purport to sell American-made goods, none appear to dig much into the origins of the products’ components, a service consumers may value. Plus the UIs of current participants are generally pathetic.

KenyaJobs.com – self explanatory.  With content, this site will rank very high in relevant searches and should become a good business.

RetiringSoon.com – a statement name with good monetization prospects with vendors & service providers who target the demographic described.

SeniorsSay.com – my hunch is that a good number of seniors have important or interesting things to express that the world could find of value. I’m certainly interested in querying my peer group and hearing from them in a systematic way.  Before it’s too late.

This site would be a curated content site monetized by advertising and content repackaging.

TermsTracker.com – a subscription based service that would track and alert customers to changes in the Terms of Service and Privacy Terms of various websites. Think of this as a service that provides redlines of the web-domiciled contracts that almost nobody reads (except the provider’s lawyers). It could also “score” such contracts on user friendliness. Another idea is for the business to develop and offer standardized contracts such as those found in the residential real estate industry, and which would be a better, more predicable deal for the consumer.

There have been what appear to be half-hearted attempts to provide the types of services described, so the idea is out there, but it hasn’t yet been executed very well.

500 Jobs – is the working name for a location based job board business to be built using over 250 dot-com domains I control, each of which begins with a telephone area code, for example 415jobs.com.  With 90% of the U.S. and Canadian area codes in such a format, 500jobs has the raw material to become a distinctive, geography-based advertising network for employers of all sizes. And one whose individual job board sites are easily remembered by both consumers and job posters.

It is an excellent time to develop the 500jobs portfolio of names.  Not only is the web classified’s job board segment continuing to grow, the genre’s gorilla, CraigsList, with over $100 million in annual job posting revenues, is of somewhat limited functionality and has an antique UI.  Nonetheless, it is said to have a profit margin of 80%.

500jobs will be scalable because content of value to job seekers can be reused across the chain of boards. It is likely that 500jobs would engage entrepreneurs sited in the local markets to assist in building the business.

If any of the above business opportunities interest you, and you’re a smart, energetic tech person who can work independently, please reach out to me with some info on yourself.


* “acquired” is loose language. One doesn’t own a domain name, one registers it for a finite period of time, during which the name may be used in accordance with various protocols, and, assuming good behavior, one gains the opportunity to renew/extend the registration. If the registrant doesn’t renew and make the required payment, the domain name is lost and, in all likelihood, enters an auction process in which anyone can acquire it.

**my skills & interests are more in the realms of business: positioning, financing, marketing, branding, contracts and other legal, etc.






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