About Krist

Krist is open to advisory work that serves decision makers including entrepreneurs, early stage CEO’s, VC’s, business owners, and non-profit leaders.

In 1982, Founded Redwood Capital Corporation, a family owned business
In 1989, Co-Founded Denali Education Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit fka Denali Foundation
In 2003, Founded San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival, a 501(c)(3) non-profit
In 2013, launched this informational website

In the words of a mentor, “more of a sparker or igniter than a burner.”  From other mentors: “Direct and directed,” “Incisive and penetrating business acumen,” and “Values-driven.”

Curious and able to connect faint or invisible dots to find the less obvious.   Collaborative, analytical, persistent, ethical, & loyal.  Risk tolerant, achievement oriented. Is or was President, Director, CEO, Executive Director, husband, volunteer, friend, teammate, fresh air lover, voter and more.

Born and raised in Ohio, starting in elementary school he was intrigued with the ocean. First saw saltwater at age 18 and the ocean at age 22, it has become a theme in his life. Served as a US Navy line officer, founded and volunteered several man-years to the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, is an avid open water swimmer in San Francisco Bay, where he has logged over 3000 miles.

MBA and M.S. from Stanford in 1973, resident of San Francisco since then. Princeton B.S.E.

4 Responses to About Krist

  1. Haven Pell says:

    Krist, nice to reconnect. I have a son in SF and am there from time to time. Haven

  2. BY says:

    Krist, checking your site and noting your interests and advice. Thanks for acknowledging the “Fair Winds.” BY

  3. Eli Africa says:

    Thank you for the touching and eloquent article you wrote about the Island of Leyte, Philippines. During a time when the world seems smaller and more connected to everyone else, you have uplifted me and possibly countless others. Hoping to keep you updated on post-Haiyan Leyte and the principals of the documentary.

  4. Connie says:

    Krist, we were proud of you when you were just a kid (and so were we). You’ve gone on to make the world proud of you! Congratulations and my continued best wishes.

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