From my first job as a morning newspaper carrier in a college town near Cleveland, my roles have included line and staff positions in small and large companies including serving in the Vietnam War as the Navy line officer for a 55 man engineering crew. Entrepreneurial roles have included the founding, bootstrapping, and multi-year leadership of a family owned service business and, as a volunteer, similar roles in two non-profits. As owner, I’ve managed budgets and closed deals in the millions. First in my family to attend college, a resident of Silicon Valley since 1970, and an angel investor in 20 or so companies, I’ve seen firsthand what works and what doesn’t.

As a trusted advisor, I can:

For a startup, its founder, or leader:
• Explore an idea
• Advise on strategy, financing, staffing, & partnerships; help implement the same
• Advise & assist in creating stakeholders such as customers, investors, directors, advisory board, etc.
• Be on call or present as a confidential sounding board

For a business owner or non-profit leader:
• Serve as a sounding board and/or provide a second opinion
• Review financial models and business operations & plan, coordinate changes
• Assist the owner or leader in clarifying and/or reaching his/her/the organization’s objectives

For a venture capital firm or investor:
• Lead or assist with one-off projects such as due diligence, investee wind-downs, combinations, & major deals
• Provide input and/or adult supervision to investees as appropriate

To discuss, please write Krist (at)